Army Hospital
Bachelor Officers' Quarters
Bathing Cove
Battery Crockett
Battery Geary
Battery Grubbs
Battery Hearn
Battery Way
Battery Wheeler
Big Tree at Youth for Peace Campgrounds
Central Electric Storage Plant
CFI (Corrregidor Foundation) Office
Corregidor Flagpole
Corregidor Inn
Diesel Electric Plant
Dome of Peace
Engineering Dock
Eternal Flame Monument
Filipino-Amercian Friendship Memorial
Filipino Heroes Memorial
Filipino Woman's Monument
Fort Mills Headquarters
Guest House
Jabidah Memorial
Japanese Garden of Peace
Kindley Field
Lorcha Dock
MacArthur's Headquarters
MacArthur Statue
Malinta Hill View
Malinta Tunnel
Middleside Barracks
Mile-Long Barracks
Non-commissined Officers' Quarters
North Dock
Officer's Quarters, House No. 1
Officer's Quarters, House No. 2
Ordnance Building
Parade Grounds
Quezon Statue
Rock Force Monument
South Dock
Spanish Marker
The Island's Tail
Tail Trek (Bonus photos)
Telephone Exchange
Three-Million Gallon Water Reservoir
Tower at Kindley Field
Wainwright Monument
YMCA Building
The Corregidor Island Souvenir E-book is a collection of photos that were taken at different times  and varying atmospheric or weather conditions. 

It was conceived after realizing that visitors and tourists cannot possibly cover all the sights and locations in the island, given the limited time available during the packaged tours.

It also effectively doubles as a souvenir item for those who want to preserve their memories of their trip to this historic and enchanting island. Even those who have yet to set foot on the island and experience its unique ambience will be able to appreciate the way the e-book can simulate a comprensive tour of the "visitable" sights  in Corregidor. 

The photos in general, can give a good idea of how Corregidor Island looks today. However, there are some interesting spots which have since deteriorated since the initial release of this e-book, and these have been  included for posterity.

All text and graphics in this website and the Corregidor E-book:  Copyright 2002, 2009, & 2014 Jose Maria N. Ramos